the veins of love

by heaven smile

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recorded february - march 2015 at barrel house recording studio in nyack, ny




released May 19, 2015

music and lyrics by daniel moro
mixed, mastered, and produced by chris boecker
additional vocals by megan overturf
MIDI strings and slide guitar by chris boecker

photos and art by daniel moro

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all rights reserved


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Track Name: lotus feet
i know they follow me around the town in autumn
i see em peeking through the trees in early spring
i'll find you in some old abandoned farmhouse with blood on the table and ink on the floor

and you know someday i'll break down crying
there's a man in the meadow who's tongue is tied
be fair with the things i can't remember
breathe gently on the wounds that line my lips

i was swimming in the valley air without a care
til i ran into the thicket of thorns that everyone's been hiding from
i can't stand the time i spend away from you
it's the baby blue that pulls me in;
the love i feel when i head in your direction
Track Name: hallowed in dusk
a boy outside my window
and i don't feed him much
i think he's got a broken leg but i ain't got a crutch
what i do know is how bad you treat me
can't you see i've got a lot to do?
i'm just trying to preserve me

and what would you do if you really got to know me?
i saw your body floating down the river and i just sat and wept forever there's something about the air
it makes you wonder
at least it made me wonder

i saw a fox running past the trees
he said "there's something about your hair. it's hazel like them golden days."
i won't forget about you. never.
i took my husband, or my wife, whoever it was right down to the ocean
i tried to show them great glowing lights
but i remembered i was alone

the shoreline is smiling
Track Name: obsession
Track Name: the miracle room
past the watercolor house and lurking under evening's den
we ran along the garden grove and peeked above the windowsill.
a pack of dogs came leaping by.
they kissed us clean then disappeared.
a child saw me squirming in the bed of thorns i made for myself.
i found the other missing boy sleeping in a hollowed oak tree.
i ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him on the cheek for you.

the birds sang all throughout the night
a man rushed home with flowers
it rained upon the stepping stones
and the pitter-patter lulled me to sleep
i dreamt of what i left behind
and what i forgot to take with me
my ribs protect a hornet's nest and selfishness
i wonder how far ill get away from home this time
before i turn my heels and scream
these people aren't nice to me
and i've been nothing but quiet

now someone's inside the house
and they're coming up the stairs to kill me
i watched you frolic in the yard
where everything was blossoming for you
i'm getting nervous
i've been making beds i'll never get to sleep in
i'm crawling through the prison
in the next world i'll be something far less vicious
Track Name: that which blooms in a long spring
lily and pine lined the lane in the springtime
you were all mine
the sea sky is pouring alive
and i'm wondering why i have to get going

the boys with dirty hair
see em running by the creek
you keep calling them for dinner
oh, give them a kiss for me

tread through the field after dark by the lakebed
it's so lonely
millions of bells up above started singing
what a blessing

we'll be tossing in our sleep
i can't wait to feel the sunbeams
be the part of me that i should keep
the heart knows it's got to be forgiving

i know this life is obscene
but i think it could be something i could stop running from
i've seen the birds in the trees
and they're fine without me
i could go on for hours
Track Name: father
Track Name: fell a victim
burning in the bright-blonde heat of the august sun
out in the rivers and streams
and the oceans they're hiding from
where do these children go
and when i'm alone is that you breathing?
i've found the splendor in fear
to the ones who come near:
please return with your kindness

we're all in sickness here
you can't grieve for some but not for all
i'm going down with the dawn again
to see where i can fall

the sun's prone to lending it's light
all across the divide
you could feel it if you sit still
the leaves upon each holy tree
seem to smile for me
when the wind feels like dancing

a man will devour himself
if you give him the chance
the millions are flocking to freedomland
where they'll die from the smog
Track Name: see you soon
my mind's eye's seen african skies
it's seen everything
they lowered me down in the dirt
and for once i felt pure
and the choir was singing

i met with the Sisters at dusk
they gave me their blessing
they said, "oh, we've done what we can but for now you're a man and you're stuck in this body"

don't tell me i'm forgiven
i just want to be the wind in your hair
count the hours we spent in the sunshine
the wounds of young love

i sleep beneath all my pain
with my nose in the lilies
i followed you down to the lake
and i don't understand
why i can't call you brother
teach me to speak from the heart
and how to live gently
see all the boats setting sail
on the ancient seas of love
and the sky came down crashing

the spirits of summer all sleep in the dreamhouse
i've paced along their hallways for days at a time
god, kill the coward in me before the day's gone
i'd like to give of myself while i can
Track Name: sunlight through my fingers
was it you who said the nighttime gets you down?
i'll light a lantern by your window
i'll curl around your holy feet just like a dog
i'm collecting all your tears before they freeze
and when you're not feeling well
i'll bring you water from the well
and we can rest it off
it's okay when you get quiet
i understand the very reason for your silence
we'll take a drive out to the ocean
we'll dig our feet real deep in the sand
or we could sleep our way through winter
either way, i'm nestled right by your side
so how about the open road?
i want to feel all the freedoms we've been missing
you know i'd never leave you hanging all alone
Track Name: the veins of love
so the tides are lapping at the sand
faith is like a broken man - always reaching for his mother
the pedestals of glory crumble down
when you realize what you've found
in the cold light of your bedroom
i break into the graveyard every night,
where i put up half a fight
for the names who say they need me
this blood of mine was poisoned from the start
i know it's dark,
but i've always found my way home

i'm tracing up and down the veins of love
and wondering why my valley's never green enough.
rain on me
gold sky, rain on me

there's a fire in the house
and i slip right out the back
i see a world that's vast and blue
i'm being pulled into the black
do you dream of me at night?
am i all that you can see?
is my love for you absurd
even though it's meant to be?
can i call you by your name?
is it wrong to sit and cry?
can you help me understand
why i don't feel so alive?
and i know i'm beautiful
do you think i'm beautiful?
have you heard me when i laugh?
have you seen me when i dance?
do you love me anymore?